Ice age Island

Tuesday 19 January – 7pm

Island Neanderthals: 10 Years Investigating Jersey’s Exceptional Ice Age Archaeology

We spend a lot of time explaining how important Jersey is to understanding the Ice Age archaeology of North West Europe. La Cotte de St Brelade is, alone, the key sequence for unlocking Neanderthal chronology on southern Britain, Northern France and the now submerged landscapes of the English Channel, a region we call La Mancheland and Jersey has so much more to tell us beyond this one site.

In this talk, to celebrate Jersey Heritage’s Ice Age Island week, we focus in on Jersey’s record, why is so exceptional and think about future discoveries and what are still to learn about Jersey’s deep Ice Age past. Register to hear the talk live


Dr Matt Pope FSA MCIfA is the Principal Research Fellow in Palaeolithic Archaeology and Senior Geoarchaeologist at UCL.


Thursday 21 January - 7pm

With Dr Chantal Conneller, Newcastle University

This talk will report on analyses of engraved schist plaquettes recovered from the Upper Palaeolithic site of Les Varines, Jersey between 2014 and 2018. Using a variety of scientific methods the team has explored the production of designs, and use and deposition of the stones. Excavations at Les Varines have revealed a complex series of hearths, surrounded by lithic scatters and associated with dumps of stone and animal bone and granite paving. This provides a rare opportunity to understand the spatial context of the plaquettes and how their manufacture, use and deposition was embedded in broader rhythms of daily life. Finally we will look at the broader context of engraved plaquettes in the Northern European Palaeolithic, in particular, how understanding of the Les Varines examples is enhanced through comparison other sites where large quantities of plaquettes have been recovered, Gonnersdorf and Roc-La-Tour. This in turn throws light on the place of the people who visited the site within the broader late Palaeolithic world.

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What's Your Town's Story?

Discover the fascinating story of our Town and the communities who worked or lived there in a series of free webinars by Jersey Archive staff.  All talks start at 7.30pm.  Listen live by registering for free below.

All talks are recording will be put on our Heritage at Home hub the following week.


20 January - Stories from Records Opened in 2021 

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Find out more about some of the records that have been opened in January 2021 after closure periods of 30, 75 and 100 years. The talk will include records detailing escape attempts from the Occupation, the measles epidemic of 1920 and the various crimes discovered in the St Helier Honorary Police registers.

24 February - Resources used to research What's Your Town's Story?

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Learn more about some of the records and resources that we will be using in 2021 to research our What's Your Town's Story? talks.

24 March - New Street

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21 April - Broad Street

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19 May - Colomberie

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23 JUNE - Royal Square

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21 JULY - Dumaresq Street

25 AUGUST - Town Church and Surroundings

22 SEPTEMBER - Queen Street

20 OCTOBER - King Street - PART 1

24 NOVEMBER King Street - PART 2

22 DECEMBER - Christmas Stories in St Helier