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The Battle of Jersey







The Battle of Jersey

Helen Otterwell, Learning Manager answering questions about the Battle of Jersey sent in by Year 2 of Plat Douet School.

Find out about the Battle, why it happened, when it took place and who won with our Battle of Jersey Stop Motion.


Introduction to the changes to Mont Orgueil Castle during the Tudor times.  Suitable for KS2.  Learn about how, why, who and what changes were made to the Castle and see where those changes were.

JP Hamon-Cole, Site Gardien of Mont Orgueil Castle takes you on a quick tour around Mont Orgueil Castle to show you how it was changed during the turbulent Tudor times.


A brief introduction to the magnificent Elizabeth Castle and some of the stories that it has told over hundreds of years.

Learning resources for Keystage 2 can be found here. Watch our film about storming a castle to understand how castles defend themselves from attack.

Liberation Learning

This short webinar focuses on the lead up to the 9th May 1945 and what actually happened in the Channel Islands so that British Troops could ensure the safe liberation of the islands from their five years of Occupation and is suitable for KS1 and KS2 learners.

There is more content including worksheets, information and activities about the Occupation on our Schools pages.

art I Spy

Keep the little ones entertained with an I spy game. Spot the details in the paintings. A great way to introduce children to Jersey art and artists.  To make this larger, just use the full screen mode in the right corner.

A to M

N to Z


Jersey Heritage Learning Manager, Helen Otterwell, talking about the Neolithic and Stone Age (recorded via Facebook LIve on Monday 30 March).  Suitable for Keystage 2.  Download our learning resources for this topic here.

Watch two films on Neolithic tools and flint knapping.   Use the top left panel to switch between videos or allow autoplay.

Why was Le Pinacle so important to the Neolithic people and what stories does it tell us? And a demonstration of how Neolithic people flint knapped and made the polished tools that changed the world.

La Hougue Bie Dolmen

An introduction to the Neolithic monument of La Hougue Bie. Older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza but who built it, when, how and why and what does it look like?

Dolmens of Jersey

A brief introduction to the main dolmens and megalithic monuments of Jersey built during Neolithic Age