Discovery Days are themed activity days encouraging children of primary school age to explore and engage with Jersey Heritage in a creative and fun way.  We work with artists, story tellers and experts to engage and inspire young minds with activities that stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and learning about heritage.

Discovery days are supported by Lloyds Bank

Liberation celebration

Take some time out today with the children in your life.  Have a go at some of these creative activities celebrating friendship and kindness with Liberation 75 as inspiration.

Gift your creations to someone you love but haven’t seen for a while or pop them on a neighbour’s doorstep to cheer them up.

Pom poms and pom pom garlands

It was so lovely to see everyone’s photographs of their houses decorated with bunting last weekend to celebrate Liberation 75. Inspired by the celebrations, Anna Renouf from Wonderlands shows us  how to make pom poms and turn them into garlands.

Ask your friends to make pom pom garlands too so that when you are all able to be together again, or when you are back at school, they can be joined together to make one long decoration.

Story Time from Penny Byrne

Listen to author Penny Byrne reading her book ‘What’s in your pocket, Peg?’. It’s a story of a family of children and their older cousin Peg during the Occupation of Jersey, and is beautifully illustrated by Lauren Radley. Penny wrote the story as a teaching aid for year 6 classes learning about the Occupation, and as a younger children’s picture book to help to explain how the Occupation affected children at the time.

Friendship bracelets

Has there ever been a better time to make friendship bracelets? If you’ve never had a go then check out art teacher and textile artist Bianca Padidar’s instruction video. These symbols of ever-lasting friendship are fun to make – it will take a bit of practise but the results will be worth it.

Who will you give your friendship bracelet to?

How to create a simple hanging sign

Do you have a favourite quote about kindness or friendship? ‘Be the rainbow in somebody’s cloud’ from famous author Maya Angelou is a favourite. We also like ‘True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart’.

Turn your favourite quote into a gift for someone you haven’t seen or hugged in a while. Here’s a quick tutorial from our community events Curator Nicky Lucas showing how easy it is to create a thoughtful gift with things you have around the house.

Pebble messages

This was found by someone on the beach at Anne Port last week and made us smile. All you need are some sharpies and something lovely to say – a short thoughtful message could really make someone’s day.

What could you say to make someone smile?

DD Pebble.jpg

Fun project - How big is your hug?

Have you noticed how people are reacting when they see someone they know whilst out on their walks? How delighted they are to see a friend for the first time in ages, and how sometimes they open their arms out wide in a socially distant hug, as if they were giving them a great big proper cuddle?

Jersey Heritage would like to capture your virtual hugs and measure how big your hug actually is! Here’s what you can do to help.

  • Stand with your arms outstretched as far as possible. Ask a member of your household to measure the width and breadth as shown in the photographs. You can take it in turns to measure everyone in your house.
  • Get someone to take a picture of you in the socially distant hug pose and send it to Jersey Heritage with your hug measurements.

  • If you don’t want to send us photographs then draw it with your measurements on instead. Here’s an example from our Community Events Curator Nicky Lucas.

Send your hugs to


The hug project is the idea of local artist Yulia Makeyeva. She is making a community tapestry that will bring all of our hugs together – we’d love your Jersey Isolation hugs to be part of Yulia’s tapestry. We will keep you posted on where the completed artwork can be viewed and where. Hopefully this will be in the not too distant future.