Discovery Days are themed activity days encouraging children of primary school age to explore and engage with Jersey Heritage in a creative and fun way.  We work with artists, story tellers and experts to engage and inspire young minds with activities that stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and learning about heritage.

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Apple Apprentice

It's apple season, and our favourite time of year at Jersey Heritage. The orchard at Hamptonne is fragrant with the smell of apples and looks beautiful in the autumn light. We are preparing for La Faîs’sie d’Cidre, the cider making festival and over the next two weeks we'll be collecting all the apples  to use in the cider making process. Learn more about apples and Jersey's rich heritage of cider making with the Apple Apprentice Discovery Day here on Heritage at Home. Maybe it will inspire you to join in with the apple picking next year and eventually become one of our cider making volunteers!

Apples and Orchards

Neil Harvey is the Senior Ranger for The National Trust for Jersey, he knows a lot about the land and how to take care of it. Jersey Heritage takes care of Hamptonne, including the orchard for the NTJ.  Neil joined us in the orchard to tell us why orchards are so special...and why it's not just about the apples.

Meet the Trees

The Hamptonne orchard was opened to the public in 1993, it's trees provide a selection of sweet, bitter and sharp flavoured apples. When they're all mixed together they provide a good balance for cider making. Whilst you won't be able to taste the cider made from these apples until you're 18, you can taste their apple juice at La Faîs’sie d’Cidre at Hamptonne every October. There's a map of the apple trees so that you can get to know the orchard. Print a copy or collect one from Hamptonne during apples season (September-October), observe the difference in leaf shape, colour and apple size. You could become a cider apple expert!

Apple varieties in the Hamptonne orchard

Apple Creatures

Stuck for something to do on a drizzly autumn day? Take inspiration from Kerry-Jane Warner - grab yourself an apple or two, collect some twigs and leaves from the garden, and create a crazy creature. .


David is a champion apple peeler - he wins the longest of the longest apple peel competition almost every year at La Faîs’sie d’Cidre. Can you beat him? Have a go at peeling at home - remember that a big apple can result in the longest peel. Please don't use a sharp knife, always use a peeler - an apple peeling champion  always uses the right tools for the job! Send pics of your peel stretched out alongside a measuring tape to

Apple alphabet

Find out more

Are you interested in learning more about the history of orchards and cider making in Jersey? Click on the link to discover more in depth information  from Vincent Obbard the Seigneur of Samarès Manor.