RBS International volunteer at Mont Orgueil Castle

A number of corporate banking staff from RBS International spent two days painting the main gate at Mont Orgueil Castle.

A number of corporate banking staff from RBS International spent two days last week painting the  main gate at Mont Orgueil Castle in Gorey.

The bank employees painted a brick pattern designed by Shaun Du Val, Mont Orgueil’s current artist in residence, to recreate the castle walls in paint and improve the aesthetics of the Castle entrance for visitors.

The work took place on Wednesday and Thursday (March 12 and 13) and involved about a dozen staff including Graeme Smith, director of corporate banking and Paul Boyd relationship director.

Jo Mitchell, site guardien at Mont Orgueil, said:

'It is always great to have a group of eager volunteers on site. We are fortunate that RBS International have helped us with a number of projects at the castle over the past years.  I'd like to thank everyone involved and extend thanks to Normans who have donated a number of products to help us get this job done.'

Paul Boyd commented:

‘At RBS International, community banking sits at the heart of how we conduct business. We realise the importance that local organisations such as Jersey Heritage have in the societies in which we live and work. The opportunity to spruce up one of Jersey most iconic venues in preparation for a new season was one many staff were keen to participate in. This is one of many projects RBS International staff gets involved in during the year as part of our Community Day volunteering scheme.’