New finds in the coin hoard

    New finds in the coin hoard are a blue glass bead and a coin which is very different from the others…

    On day one following the launch of the new exhibition at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery the conservation team found a beautiful blue glass bead next to what appears to be a piece of silver wire.  Our conservator had a chance to discuss the bead with Dr Sonia O'Connor from Bradford University yesterday and show her some metal deposits on the bead's inner surface.  She suggested that the “hole” was too big for it to be a necklace piece and that it was probably an ornamental part from a larger object.


    Shortly after the bead's appearance, coservation experts were cleaning a batch of coins and noticed that one was very different to the others. When the bead was shown it to Dr Philip De Jersey, Guernsey's archaeology curator and a celtic coin expert and he immediately identified it as belonging to a tribe from the south of England and dating to about 40BC.  This is important for two reasons.  Firstly it shows cross-channel trade for the first time and secondly because it takes the time of the hoard's burial out of the actual inavision of Gaul in 52BC or thereabouts  to a decade or more later, during the roman occupation.