New Coins Found In Hoard

The coin hoard conservation team have found two Osismii coins in the Celtic Coin Hoard….find out why this is an important find.

The Osismii are another Amorican tribe, which boarders the Coriosolite on the western side. Hooker discusses this tribe, suggesting that their coins are well known for the small heads attached to beaded lines. There are two possible explanations for this; either they represent the Celtic custom of taking heads as trophies in battle or they are merely a reference to the Ogmios (Celtic diety). Their tribal name is thought to mean “those at the end of the world”. As the majority of the hoard appears to be composed of Coriosolite coins, this is a rare find. 

Osismii 1 - reverse

Osismii 2 - front

Osismii 2 - reverse