Lloyds Bank employees volunteer

    Employees from Lloyds Bank volunteered at Jersey Archive this month to work with archive staff on the Worls War 1 Travel Permit Project

    Jersey Archive cares for over 300,000 unique documents that tell the story of our cultural heritage. Lloyds staff gave up a day to work alongside the Archive Staff to clean, package, catalogue and scan some of these documents to help preserve the Island's written heritage for future generations.

    The Travel Permits project is a 4-year project to clean, package, scan and index thousands of WW1 documents that were rescued from a basement in 2000.  The documents came to Jersey Archive having been stored in poor conditions under what is now Liberty Wharf. Many of the documents had been damp at some stage and all were dusty and dirty and required cleaning. As there are several thousand documents in the collection the initial process of cleaning and sorting the material has taken a significant amount of time.  Now that cleaning has taken place we are working with volunteers to repackage, sort, scan and index the permits so that they can be placed online to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the First World War. 

    Lloyd Bank staff are also helping Jersey Heritage in May as they prepare Hamptonne Country Life Museum ready for opening.  

    Jersey Heritage has a number of volunteer initiatives, if you are interested in volunteering for Jersey Heritage, please visit our volunteer page.