'Lib 75' inspires popular Archive talks

    Jersey Heritage's popular 'What's Your Street's Occupation Story?' series of talks has a new theme for 2020, taking inspiration from the 75th anniversary of Liberation this year.

    Jersey Heritage’s popular ‘What’s Your Street’s Story?’ series of talks has a new theme for 2020, taking inspiration from the 75th anniversary of Liberation this year.

    The series, which is run by Jersey Archive and has a new sponsor law firm Benest & Syvret, has been renamed ‘What’s Your Street’s Occupation Story?’ (WYSOS) and will focus on tales relating to the German Occupation in the Island.

    The talks will take place at Jersey Archive and will look at different aspects of the era, including the newly-opened Political Prisoner’s Register from the Occupation years; first-hand stories from Islanders who lived through the harrowing Occupation years; and Occupation stories relating to specific areas of Jersey.

    There will also be a special guest speaker in July to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Jersey Archive, as well as tours of the newly-finished Jersey Archive strong-room block. Additional guest speakers will include Liberation expert Mark Lamerton, who will give an extra talk in May about Liberation and Paul Burnal, of the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey), who will talk about the Noirmont Command Bunker in November.

    Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Benest & Syvret, the Archive will also continue to open to the public from 9am-1pm on the third Saturday morning of every month.

    Jersey Heritage’s Senior Archivist Stuart Nicolle said: “This is a huge anniversary year for the Island and it feels appropriate that we reflect that in our ‘What’s Your Street’s Story?’ programme. The Occupation and Liberation period is a fascinating time to study and we are grateful that Benest & Syvret have chosen to support the programme so we can continue to tell the public some of the amazing stories from the archives. Last year was our most popular yet for the series, with record numbers attending our talks, and we look forward to continuing that success in 2020.”

    Advocate Nina Benest, of Benest & Syvret, said, “We are delighted to once again be able to support Jersey Heritage, whose programmes bring our Island’s history alive and make it accessible to the local community as a whole. The Archive’s talks marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Occupation will no doubt deliver a fascinating insight into this important period of our recent past and provide an understanding for current local residents as to the role their street played during the Occupation.”

    The first WYSOS talk takes place this Saturday, 18 January when Jersey Heritage’s Archives and Collections Director Linda Romeril will talk about the archives that were opened to the public for the first time in 2020, including the Political Prisoner’s Register.

    The talks are FREE and start at 10am. To book your place in advance, please email archives@jerseyheritage.org

    Full programme for What’s Your Street’s Occupation Story?:

    • 18 January – Stories from Records Opened in 2020
    • 15 February – Occupation Treasures
    • 21 March – Westmount
    • 18 April – Beaumont
    • 16 May – The Weighbridge
    • 20 June – Stopford Road
    • 18 July – 20th Anniversary of the Archive Opening/ Special Guest Speaker
    • 15 August – Five Oaks and Langley Avenue
    • 19 September – Portelet and Noirmont
    • 17 October – Havre des Pas
    • 21 November – Mont Millais
    • 19 December – Occupation: In Their Own Words

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