Le Travailleux D'Cauchie gets to work in front of Jersey Museum

An Island worker has a new, permanent place for his toil outside of Jersey Museum. The Docker (Le Travailleux D'Cauchie), a life size bronze figure by sculptor Colin Miller, is a tribute to Jersey's maritime heritage and to the time when the sea front was much closer to the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery than it is today.



The bronze Docker is a powerful expression of the maritime life, when Jersey sailors would sail as far as Nova Scotia in search of cod. With no mechanical winches in those days, it was down to the strength of the Dockers to haul in the fishing boats. The sculpted Docker wears an original Jersey seaman's sweater.


Colin Miller is a well-known English sculptor and spent childhood holidays at his grandparents’ house ‘Les Vaux’ in Rozel. He has been sculpting since 1966, ten years of which he spent living and working in Greece. He works in bronze, marble, English stone and varying woods, particularly olive wood.


The Docker figure has been moved onto the pavement at the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery entrance. In order to prepare it for the outside elements, the sculpture was shipped off to a London foundry to have its original coir hawser (rope) copied and cast in bronze.


Jersey Heritage is grateful for the support of Dolan Hotels in re-siting this sculpture.