Jersey Archive receives National Accredited Status

Jersey Heritage is delighted to announce that Jersey Archive has become the first archive service outside the UK to be awarded accredited status by The National Archive.

Jersey Archive receives National Accredited Status


Jersey Heritage is delighted to announce that Jersey Archive has become the first archive service outside the UK to be awarded accredited status by The National Archive.


Archive Service Accreditation is the new standard for archives service, and has been developed by The National Archive in partnership with the archives sector and its stakeholders through a process of co-creation and consultation.  Accredited archive services provide a high level of service to their users, preserve their collections in line with national standards and are robust, sustainable services which plan and deliver ongoing improvement.


The Accreditation Panel, which made the award, noted:


‘[The] Panel felt that this was overall a very strong application, which meets all requirements of the Accreditation Standard – one of only a few to do so in the scheme's history. They considered that the assessment demonstrated a very well run service, with a clear policy direction and an important role in the public accountability of the government of Jersey.


Jersey is the first archive service to be Accredited from outside the UK, and the Panel noted that they were delighted that Jersey had opted to participate in the programme and that the process had proved flexible enough to accommodate their application.’


The Panel also noted the achievements and commitment of the staff at Jersey Archive and highlighted the importance of the integration of the service into Jersey Heritage and the Archive’s role in the local community:


‘A well-managed archive service supported by a group of conscientious and dedicated staff who are committed the current and future collection, preservation and access to Jersey's documentary heritage and a sustainable archive service. The archive service is well integrated into Jersey Heritage and benefits from this.’


‘The archive service itself and through Jersey Heritage has close links with the local community and good relationships with its stakeholders. It not only collects and preserves the history of the island but offers opportunities to participate in the work of the archive service. Such integration and good relationships contribute to the sustainability of the archive service.’


Whilst the Panel considered the Jersey Archive submission to be of a high standard they did highlight areas in which the service could continue to improve and develop. Key areas highlighted included the need to add additional permanent staff, to increase opening hours and to ensure future expansion space by the construction of a new strong room block:


‘Continue seeking funding to add to permanent staffing complement to support development plans – longer opening hours, digital preservation and developing the work of the archive service to fulfil its potential.’


‘Continue working with the States of Jersey in developing a new repository in line with current standards.’


Linda Romeril, Archives and Collections Director at Jersey Heritage said ‘I am absolutely delighted that Jersey Archive has become one of the earliest services, and the first outside the UK, to achieve The National Archive’s Accreditation Standard.  This is a testament to the hard work of all the staff at the Archive who are passionate about providing a high quality archive service for the public.’


She continued, ‘It is encouraging that the Panel have highlighted the importance of our relationship with the States of Jersey and our role in public accountability.  We are currently working with the States to act on the Panel’s recommendations on additional permanent staffing, increased opening hours and the development of a new repository.’


Rod Bryans, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture said: ‘I am thrilled that the professionalism and commitment of Jersey Heritage’s team at the Archive has been recognised in this accreditation.  The Archive fulfils a very important role for the States, and the Island as a whole, in the care and management of official documents but it also lies right at the heart of our culture and how we understand it.  The Archive holds some of our most important historic documents and the staff provide information and assistance to students, historians and researchers to help reveal what makes Jersey such a special place.’