Jersey Archive Launches First World War Blog

What actually happened in Jersey during the First World War? How did Islanders cope with a conflict that was so close to home and yet so far removed?


Jersey Heritage is setting out to answer these questions over the course of the next four years by putting together a blog about occurrences on the home front.  From 30 June and every Monday after that for just over four years the Jersey Archive will be publishing a blog about what was happening in the Island 100 years previously.

Read the blog entries here.


Local historian Ian Ronayne, author of Ours: The Jersey Pals in the First World War, is researching and writing the blog and in it he will explore the States reaction to the War, the militia being mobilised and ordinary people’s lives changing forever with the advent of the conflict.


The blog will be hosted on Jersey Heritage’s website ( and shall be updated every Monday with a new post.


Linda Romeril, Archives and Collections Director, explains, “At the Jersey Archive we wanted to mark the centenary of the First World War by looking through the documents that we hold and providing a picture of what life was like in the island at that time. The Great War saw monumental changes and we wanted to represent this journey by presenting the story in bite size chunks every week.”


She went on to say, “It is a gripping tale and we are hoping that people will come back week on week to find out what the next episode will bring. We would like local Islanders to engage in the story and are talking to schools in the hope that they will follow the blog as well. It will be a perfect opportunity to get a sense of what life was like in Jersey and how life was immeasurably altered with the onset of World War One.”


“Ian is an expert on the First World War in Jersey and we thought he was the ideal man to tell the story.”


Ian Ronayne, the author of the blog, said, “It is great to be part of a project that I hope will put a spotlight on how Jersey and Islanders were directly affected by the First World War. During the next four years we have the chance to reconnect with this important part of our history, and the blog can play a major part in that.”


The blog is first being published on the Jersey Heritage website on 30 June and will be promoted on 4 July at Hautlieu School at a conference for gifted and talented Year 10 students from around the Island who will be discussing the First World War.

The project is being supported in partnership between Jersey Heritage and the States as part of the wider WWI programme of events 2014-2018 which includes publishing the blog over the next four years.