Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is Jersey's annual week of history and heritage. Join Val Nelson on 10 September at Hamptonne, take the Dolmen Bus Tour on the 13 September, look inside Kempt Tower or join us on the 14 September for a discussion about the Roman Ship Wreck of Guernsey.


An exciting range of tours, events and activities are on offer throughout the festival: there are Ice Age secrets to uncover, Neolithic graves to track down, candlelit recitals to savour and manor houses to explore. Discover centuries-old embroidery and books, or walk in the footsteps of kings and convicts. We really hope that everyone will take the opportunity to discover some of the treasures which we are so fortunate to have in Jersey.

Val Nelson's talk at Hamptonne about our Stitched Memories exhibition takes place on Wednesday 10th September. There are a few spaces left so make sure you book with Jersey Tourism.

On Saturday 13th September you can board the Dolmen Bus exploring the Island's megalithic monuments with Curator of Archaeology, Olga Finch. Booking is essential at Jersey Museum.

Saturday is also your chance to see inside our most recent Heritage Holiday Let; the doors of Kempt Tower, on the Five Mile Road, will be open so you can see this amazing property for yourself. Archirondel Tower will also be open throughout the day from 10.00am to welcome visitors.

Join our evening lecture about Treasures from Guernsey on Sunday 14th September at Jersey Museum. Speakers include Dr Jason Monaghan, Director of Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, who will be talking about the Roman Ship Wreck, and Dr Phil de Jersey who will talk about the King’s Road Warrior Burials, Guernsey. 

Enjoy every moment of Hidden Treasures – a festival 250,000 years in the making!  Download the Hidden Treasures brochure here.