Double Bill TV for Jersey

Jersey will be featured in two different television programmes this weekend; “Rome the World’s First Superpower” and “Walking Through the History”.


In this week’s episode of Channel 5’s “Rome The World’s First Superpower” Larry Lamb visits Jersey in his quest to discover how the Romans rose from humble beginnings to create the greatest empire mankind had ever seen. On the edge of what was the Roman world, in a Grouville field, Reg Mead and Richard Miles re live the moment they discovered the Jersey Coin Hoard.

At the Jersey Museum, where the hoard is now on display, Conservationist Neil Mahrer explains the hoard was hidden to protect it from Julius Caesar, as he marauded across mainland Europe. The programme will be broadcast on Channel 5, Friday 14 Nov at 20:00.

On Saturday night, our second double billing of the weekend is Channel 4’s popular television series “Walking Through History”. The programme follows Tony Robinson, who previously presented “Time Team” from Mont Orgueil and Jersey War Tunnels, walking round Jersey and Guernsey in the footsteps of the occupying German forces during the occupation of the islands between 1940- 1945. The programme will be broadcast onChannel 4, Sat 15 Nov at 20:00.

Director of Tourism and Marketing, David de Carteret said:


“We are very fortunate to have such a rich heritage in Jersey; it is a key attraction for our visitors. The fact that we have two television programmes featuring different heritage aspects in the same week, on the back of two three hour radio shows on the hoard on BBC South West last week, is testament to this. We are having a successful year in growing our leisure business, coverage such as this is a key contributor in helping this trend to continue for the rest of the year, into the 2015 and beyond”.