Corporate supporters help to pick apples

    Huge thanks to First Names Group and Statestreet who helped us pick apples for La Fais’sie D’Cidre.

    Jersey Heritage would like to pass on a huge thank you to  some amazing apple picking volunteers from First Names Group and Statestreet.   The apple picking is  intrinsic to  La Fais’sie D’Cidre where we celebrate  Jersey’s rich cider producing heritage, the most important part of the event is the apple  crushing /pressing to produce cider; a minimum of 160 bags of apples is required for the process to be successful over a two day period. With the help from our volunteers we exceeded that amount and collected over 200 sacks in a record amount of time! 

    By becoming a corporate supporter Jersey Heritage can tailor volunteering opportunities to suit you. 

    We  hope that you will join us at the Fais’sie d’Cidre on 17 and 18 October as this weekend-long celebration of the apple continues to be one of the Island’s favourite family events, bringing together communities, volunteers and organisations, artisans and experts.