Busy week in the lab

We’ve had a busy week in the lab with two new staff joining but also with a sudden run of finds which is making us re-think just how much jewellery we might find.

The fact that he was so far down inside the hoard and was firmly connected to the coin makes us certain that he dates back from the time of the hoard’s burial.  This is not the first time we’ve found large pieces of vegetable or animal tissue but it’s the first time we’ve seen a whole recognizable animal.  He was quickly named Arthur Pod and is now a star exhibit in our lab display.  Viki is spending her spare time reading up on millipedes now and hopefully we will soon know more about him.  One thing that is possible is that he was in a bag with one or more torques.  All around the torques we find what we think are curled up wool fibres, preserved by the copper from the coins.  We think these are from felt that was used either to wrap the gold in or was used as a bag in which Arthur was an unwitting hitch hiker


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