Best Dressed Pirate

Here are some suggestions for a costume you can make from things you might have already at home:

  • Find a white shirt, preferably with long sleeves.
  • Find some black trousers — the older, the better. You want to cut up the bottom of the legs a bit so they look old and scraggly. If they are too big in the waist, no problems. Tie a scarf around your child's waist. A red scarf will work great for a pirate costume, but you can use any scarf to keep the trousers up!
  • Cut an eye patch shape out of black fabric. Paint a skull-and-crossbones on the front. Glue a long ribbon onto it; the ribbon should be long enough to tie around the child's head.
  • Find a long piece of material you can fold into a triangle and use it as a bandana and tie a bandanna around your child's head.
  • Now it is time to accessorize your pirate. Stuffed animal parrots or monkeys are great animals to have along on a pirate ship. A toy chest filled with parade beads makes a great buried treasure or pirate booty.