51 things to do - Events - Jersey Heritage

Here are 51 ideas for you to do this Summer across the Island. Many of these are free to do and with Jersey Heritage Membership you'll have free access to all of the visitor sites.

Some ideas to get started.

Who buried the Celtic treasure and why? Make
up your own mind whilst enjoying stories, music
and crafts at La Hougue Bie.


Hear all about the Goodwyf’s day to day life
looking after her Master at Hamptonne.


Meet the Medieval Archer and Leatherworker
at Mont Orgueil Castle and learn about
archery and weaponry.


Go in search of the Wheel of Urine at Mont
Orgueil Castle and fi nd out how medieval
doctors used wee!


Walk out to the oyster beds on Long Beach,
Grouville. How many baby oysters can you
count? Make sure you check the tides and
take a grown up with you.


Download all the  time traveller ideas here.