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The story of Jersey from Neolithic times to the modern day. Discover the island's finest treasures on display including a priceless Bronze Age gold torque and Millais' famous portrait of Lillie Langtry.

Opening Times

Opening Times

Open every day from 10am to 4pm until 2 Jan 2015.
Then open Saturdays only from 10am to 4pm from 3 Jan 2015 to 31 March 2015.

Closed 24th,25th,26th & 31st Dec 2014

Admission Prices

Members Adult (16+) Child (6 to 16) Senior (65+) Student (16+) in full time education or holds a student card Family Ticket (2 adults 2 children)
FREE £9.00 £5.00 £8.00 £5.00 £25.50

The Jersey Pass is accepted at Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Free admission to children under 6 years old



The Weighbridge, St Helier, JE2 3NG For more information call +44 (0)1534 633300

Latitude: 49.182527412543855, Longitude: 2.1071621775627136

Jersey Museum presents history from 250,000 years ago when the first people arrived in Jersey and continues through the centuries to explore the factors that have shaped this unique island and the people who live here. Find out why Jersey remained loyal to the English Crown despite being so close to France; listen to Jersey-French being spoken; learn about the Island's traditional farming industry and watch fascinating archive footage of the early years of tourism.

On display in the Art Gallery you will find the work of Claude Cahun, recognised worldwide as one of the leading artists of the Surrealist movement. Jersey Museum cares for one of the largest collections of Cahun's work, which comprises photographs, original manuscripts, first editions, books and other personal material.  Find out more about Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore.

Step inside the beautifully restored Merchant’s House and enter the drama of a Victorian family in crisis. The ghosts of the past - the desperate husband, the consoling wife and her accusing sister – are brought to life in a brand new audio-visual presentation. Further exploration of this magnificent house will reveal smaller dramas in other rooms while the scene is set for visitors with a new introductory exhibition on the ground floor.

Top 5 things to do at Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

1) Go back in time to the 19th century with a visit to the beautifully restored, gas-lit Merchant’s House.

2) Be sure to check out the latest exhibitions for 2014 which include ‘The Great War’ and Europe’ largest Celtic coin hoard.

3) Set your holiday in context by watching ‘The Story of Jersey’, an interesting introduction to the Island’s history.

4) Visit the Jersey Museum cinemato see

5) Discover some of the most iconic objects from Jersey’s past including a real mammoth skull from the Ice Age and a priceless gold torque from the Bronze Age.



Barreau Le Maistre Gallery  

Treasure - Uncovering Celts and Romans 26 May-to 31 December. Discovered in 2012 Le Catillon II is the World’s largest Celtic coin hoard; it has been estimated that it contains up to 70,000 silver alloy coins plus gold and silver jewellery. It is the centrepiece of a major exhibition which looks at the Channel Islands as part of the Celtic and Roman worlds two thousand years ago when they were at the edge of the Empire. In addition to the hoard placed in its own laboratory with conservators taking it apart in public, the exhibition will feature major Celtic treasures from the region.  Sposored by Lloyds

John de Veulle Gallery

Voices from the Great War from 3 August. On 4 August 1914, following the German failure to withdraw from neutral Belgium,  Britain joined in a war that was to last over four years.  At the time Jersey had a resident population of just under 52,000 and approximately 20% of them served the British or French war effort. While the story of the Great War is a story of millions, it is also the story of individuals.  Jersey and the Great War tells some of those stories.  Sponsored by Credit Suisse

Merchant's House

No 9 Pier Road - the Merchant’s House.  On the evening of 27th August 1869, a momentous decision was taken by the family that lived at No 9 Pier Road. Dr Charles Ginestet persuaded his wife Jeanne that they should abandon their beautiful home and flee to France to start a new life. They would be leaving behind friends and family but also a nightmare of debts and legal proceedings….

Facilities and Access

Payment: On arrival, by cash (Sterling or Euros accepted), credit/debit card (not Diners Club or American Express)

Organised groups: 15% discount for groups of 6 or more adults or seniors. Please book in advance by completing the form here.

Entrance and parking: Located at the Weighbridge St Helier near the Royal Yatch Hotel . No on-site car park but parking for cyclists. Public parking in Pier Road.

Buses and cycle routes: Any bus to Liberation Station.  Follow any cycle route for St Helier

Refreshments: The Merchant's House Brasserie is next door, to make a reservation call 510069

Gift Shop: The Jersey Heritage gift shop, selling gifts and souvenirs relating to the collection and to Jersey is located at the museum and is open to visitors and non-visitors.

Access arrangements: Disabled access to all floors

Dogs: No dogs allowed, except Guide Dogs

On Today!

Link Gallery Exhibitions ->

The Link Gallery hosts a series of free exhibitions from local artists. Every month a new exhibition goes up, from illustrations to paintings there is always something new. The Link Gallery is supported by Rathbones

Big Advent Calendar ->

Come and visit the big advent calendar in the Jersey Museum Courtyard as unveil a picture every day of Advent.

Treasure Uncovering Celts and Romans ->

Discovered in 2012 Le Catillon II is the World’s largest Celtic coin hoard it is the centrepiece of a major exhibition which looks at the Channel Islands as part of the Celtic and Roman worlds two thousand years ago when they were at the edge of the Empire.

No 9 Pier Road - the Merchant’s House ->

Come and find out why the once wealthy inhabitants of No 9 Pier Road were forced to sell up in the 1860s.

Voices of the Great War ->

Voices of the Great War tells the stories of twelve people whose lives were altered by the War. These are not stories of political manoeuvrings and empire-building but the tales of ordinary people affected by extraordinary events.