Treasure Uncovering Celts and Romans Teacher Pack - Learning - Jersey Heritage

Free transport, entry and guided tours

There is free schools transport to Jersey Museum & Art Gallery for KS1 and KS2 school groups.   This transport is available before 31 December 2014.   To book your free transport, entry and guided tour of the exhibition for your school group please email

This programme of activity is supported by the One Foundation with additional support from Rathbones.

Teacher packs

These packs have been developed for KS1 and KS2.   Teacher packs are free to download.   Sponsored by the One Foundation.

Celtic Tribe - who are the characters in the tribe?  Download PDF

About the Treasure - timeline of activity, Romans and tribes explained.  Download PDF

About the Objects - description of the other objects in the exhibition with ideas for activities.  Download PDF

What is Happening - activity surrounding tribes.  Download PDF

What did the Celt's eat - activity sheet about food and drink. Download PDF

Clothing - activity sheet to compare the dress of Celts and Romans.  Download PDF

Celtic craftsmen - how did craftsmen work?  What did they make? Download PDF

Word game - activity around archaeology  and what you find.  Download PDF

Drawing - work out what has been burried and why the treasure was put there.  Download PDF

More teacher notes coming soon....please come back again to download more activities.