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Jersey Heritage looks after over 350,000 objects, papers, paintings, maps, volumes, parchments, textiles, archaeological finds and electronic files.

These items document the unique cultural, political, social and personal history of Jersey and its residents.

The adopt an object scheme enables the conservation of specific items in our collections. The cost of conserving a single item might vary from £100 to £10,000 depending on the amount of work required. In the case of some items conservation costs could be significantly higher. You can also sponsor the preservation of whole collections and prices are available on request.
For as little as £25 you can join our adopt an object scheme and play an important part in the conservation of the Island’s treasures.

Download the full Adopt an Object brochure


A personalised certificate is posted to you with the details of the item/s you have adopted.
All items are computer catalogued with details of your sponsorship attached to the record.
Sponsors can view their items by appointment on a private tour.
You'll be helping to protect the Island's heritage for generations to come.

How to adopt

It's easy to do, just fill out  the form on the back of the brochure and send it to:

Adopt an Object, Jersey Heritage, Jersey Archive, Clarence Road, St Helier, JE2 4JY, or call Jersey Archive on: +44 (0)1534 833300

Objects for Adoption
Objects available for adoption range from wedding dresses to artworks and from flushing toilets to manuscript items. Here are just some of the items available to adopt, to see the full range download the Adopt an Object brochure.

Maude and Lilian Vautier c.1880, by an unknown artist, oil on canvas - Maude and Lilian were sisters who lived in Jersey from the 1870s. Maude lived until 1960, witnessing Jersey develop through Victorian times and seeing the horrors of the First and Second World Wars. In this painting they wear dark clothing as they were in mourning for their grandmother. Jersey Heritage would like to display the painting in a forthcoming exhibition devoted to the Victorians in Jersey. However, the painting is in very bad condition - the canvas is crumpled and distorted and the paint surface is damaged in several places. Cost £1700

Fire Insurance Register Dates: 1823 - 1829 -Fire Insurance Registers give a fascinating overview of property ownership in the 19th century. They include details of the materials used to construct houses and workshops and often list trades that were carried out in a particular location. The registers are used by the public on a regular basis and would benefit from conservation treatment. Treatment: Dry clean, spray deacidify and paper repairs where necessary. Resew completely, with new flyleaves and incorporating original endpapers. Rebind half vellum with marble paper sides, new split boards, stationery style, reusing original paper label if possible and blind tool as original. Cost £360

Flushing toilet from the paddle steamer Paris. Coming from a ship wrecked off Jersey in 1862 this is one of the world’s first ship born flushing water closets. An almost identical one on the US warship the Monitor that sank during the American Civil War, several years later, had previously been identified as the earliest. The incredibly complex bronze and brass mechanism is in good condition but the porcelain bowl is broken. Its discoverer has repaired it but we would like a professional ceramics conservator to redo the work so that it might be displayed properly.  Cost £750

Art nouveau brush holder
Part of a wash stand set, broken and crudely restored before its donation. We would like it taken apart and restored to its former glory by a ceramics conservator. Price £200.

Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1887. Jersey General Hospital acted as both the hospital and poor house for the Island in the 19th century. This register gives details of those admitted to the hospital and the reasons for their admission. The register needs £150 of conservation work before it can be consulted by members of the public.

The Crawford Collection, 19th Century. In 2009, on behalf of the Société Jersiaise, Jersey Heritage acquired a large collection of paintings belonging to the Perchard/Crawford family. Many of the paintings are by Ebenezer and Emily Crawford, husband and wife artists whose daughter married into the Perchard family.  Thanks to the Adopt an Object and The Chadwick Charitable Trust scheme some paintings have been conserved. Jersey Heritage is keen to continue the work onf this fascinating collection of paintings, which would help us bring the artwork to the public and to tell the story of Victorian life. Cost £5,000

Items Adopted

Jersey Harbour,Fortune Bay,Newfoundland,1867 - ADOPTED BY THE CHADWICK CHARITABLE TRUST


Jersey Gas Collection, 1908 - 1934 - ADOPTED BY JERSEY GAS